12 Ways to Find Inspiration

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P.A. Moed

All writers dread those times when inspiration eludes us.  Stuck in a creative dry spell, we write mechanically, our words shriveling up on the page and our ideas evaporating into thin air.  In these moments, we are restless, fearful, superstitious.  We wonder how long we will be stuck in this desert.    We know inspiration is the key to our escape.  But where is it?   And most importantly, how can we coax it to return?

The definition of word “inspiration” sheds light on its mysterious nature.   It comes from the Latin “inspirare,” which means to breathe or blow in.   Inspiration feels like an exhilarating creative “breeze.”   It bursts into our consciousness with a heady rush–much like a blast of pure oxygen.  But it also flies out of our minds just as quickly.   How many times have I regretted an inspirational burst that was not written down…

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