Mr H has annoyed me.

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The day and the life of...

Mr H came home from work today & for the first time ever decided he wanted his dinner there and then. Oh no no no Mr H that’s not how this game works!

He should know better than to demand.
So tomorrow Mr H will be having a slimming world salad. That will teach him!

I put the lasagne in the oven, went to get dressed for my night shift (he forgets I actually have a full time job)
Came down and it was out of the oven & on the plates, a bonus point back for Mr H..until..he questioned what was in it!
That’s the biggest no no.
My head slowly turned, my eyes wide open and I stare at him and he laughs!
It worked..I was being crazy witch wife and I realised-won’t admit that to him of course.

Anyway what is so wrong with leftover spaghetti from…

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