Forget foam — now we can grow better takeout containers

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We live in a material world, people — synthetic material, that is, with all the attendant mess that makes. But how can a society addicted to Ziploc baggies, Styrofoam coffee cups, and cheap building materials do without?

Lucky for us, green-minded entrepreneurs are developing sci-fi worthy replacements for these problem materials. Many of these were showcased at a conference in New York City last December, called Biofabricate — apparently “the world’s first summit dedicated to the biofabrication for future industrial and consumer products” — which, you know, cool! Here are some worthy teasers from Fast Company:


Bricks inspired by gastropods

Inspired by the way that mollusks grow their shells in seawater, architect Ginger Krieg Dosier began to wonder: Why can’t we just grow our bricks at room temperature instead?

Dosier’s North Carolina-based company, Biomason, is now doing just that, using a mixture of bacteria and nutrients to grow bricks in a matter…

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