6 Signs Your Relationship Is Pure Fiction

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Wedding CrashersWedding Crashers

If you’ve never been swept off your feet by a dance floor romance, you should try it.  For a few brief hours, heat, passion, and a heart-racing hope that this is the “one,” take over and rational thought becomes a distance planet in a galaxy far away. Hours, or even days, go by as we immerse ourselves in the euphoria of fantastical love, allowing a whisper of the “L-word” to linger in our mind, unspoken but still present. 

Most of us come up for air at some point and return to the world of reality, breathless and exhausted, but with perspective that it was what it was – a brief, yet fantastic, trip to adult Disney Land.

Others, though, find fantasy so validating, or so addicting, they seek out these fictions and exclude all hints of reason.  Life moves in a cycle from one “most…

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