Boko Haram Are Still Terrorizing Northern Africa & 3 Escapees Share Their Personal Horror Stories

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Boko Haram is still terrorizing Nigeria and all we can say is #BringBackOurGirls. It?s been 10 months since they kidnapped the Chibok tribe schoolgirls and a majority of them are still being hold hostage, only a small percentage of girls have managed to escape. Three of those girls, Abigail JohnDorcas Aiden, and the third escapee who requested to go unnamed have bravely spoken to the international media about their experiences.

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John, Aiden and the third escapee are speaking up on what it was like to live under Boko Haram?s terrible rule. Some of the tactics the terrorist group have imposed upon the innocent girls include through coercion, converting them to extreme Islam and Muslim faith, while also preparing them to married off. In some cases, they have also trained the older kidnapped girls to fight against other…

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