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We would like to introduce ourselves to you in a layman’s words as Tailors whose professionalism has earned us the right to be called “COUTURES”. We sew all types of vogue and vintage male/female western and traditional attires.We also have a clothing line which we manufacture here at our Head Quarters in Minna,Niger-State,Nigeria.

We have always had a reputation for not disappointing our clients who are people from every class in the society.From top government officials to top business men and women to people with high taste for fashion.What do all these people have in common? We can say: “They simply like what we do”.

Contact us today if you’d like to try out a service of class,vogue and glamour and we promise we will be there with you all through this experience as we call our customers to hear feed-backs they get from others.Yes we do give you all the attention you need to be fabulous.

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