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img-20120320-00006wtmk      ENTERTAINMENT HUB


If you are looking for a social hub to Hang out with your friends,colleagues,new acquaintance or spouse,a place to spend your idle time or where to be at your birthday or anniversary with friends and loved ones, we will be right here waiting to entertain you with almost everything you need to have a blast at our Lounge.

You will be spoilt,you will be  glad and you will make the  necessary noise you need to be at the top of your social circle.Our services include shisha,wi-fi internet ,coffee,refreshments and good music.

Also, we host  your events for you at a very affordable rate meaning you don’t have to  pay more than necessary for booking Djs or renting shisha pots elsewhere.You can also book us for outside calls to complete the theme for you when hosting a classy event at your place of choice where pictures of the event will be posted on this page for you and your peeps to reminisce the good times you had at MAK5 Lounge.

Looking for a place to buy your shisha-flavor? Come to us!. We sell the best and most original Shisha-flavors in town which we import from Cairo,Dubai, Malaysia and other countries in the Middle-East.So, Need  we say more?. Come find out for yourself.You will me amazed at what you discover. With “No regrets Guaranteed”!.Click here for bookings and enquiries or the links any of the links below to have an idea of what MAK5 Lounge is all about








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