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   Welcome to the MAK5 Resource Center which is a directory intended for those who need whatever whenever.Should you need to speak with the nearest doctor,broker a mechanic or maybe just about any professional in any field, all you have to do is visit this page and scroll through the directory to find what you need.

   The directory in not limited to anything on planet earth.From links where you can find the nearest eatery, to where you can download your favorite Tv Series,to the nearest Gym and lots and lots of random stuff.Who knows if you could one day discover the long lost Solomon’s Seal here(Joking).We’d go on trying to explain what this page is for and never stop but we guess you get the picture…In summary, its just a place to find links and information of “whatever,whenever”.It’ll be our pleasure to help you find what or whom you are looking for.Scroll down to see if you will find anything that interests you: 




Abuja(Coming Soon)

Kaduna(Coming Soon)


Suleja(Coming Soon)

Zaria(Coming Soon)


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